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Everything you ever wanted to know about cloth nappies and the eco bums Cloth Nappy Library, all in one place!

These are some of the most common questions asked about cloth nappies. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, email us.

Will Using Cloth Nappies Cause My Baby To Get A Nappy Rash?

No. This is a common myth. Nappy rash is caused primarily from not changing a nappy regularly enough. Using cloth nappies helps you be more aware of when your child needs changing.

Also, cloth nappies are manufactured using natural materials like cotton and bamboo which are better against babies’ skin. Some babies’ skin can become irritated by the chemicals and bleach which are used in the manufacture of disposables.

Will Cloth Nappies Leak?

As with any nappy, you must ensure your baby is wearing the correct size. Most cloth nappies come with additional boosters which can be used to add extra absorbency.

Will I Really Be Helping The Environment When I Am Using More Water To Wash?

This is also another common myth. More water is actually used in the manufacturing of disposable nappies than in the washing of reusable ones.

By using cloth nappies you are helping to reduce landfill and soiled liners which are flushed down the toilet ensure that raw sewerage is not disposed of into household rubbish.

I Don’t Want To Spend Time Scrubbing Dirty Nappies

Modern Cloth Nappies are a far cry from the terry towelling flats of the past. You no longer soak, scrub or have to bleach your nappies. Simply rinse and place in a wet bag or dry bucket until ready to wash. Stains are removed by hanging your nappies in the sun; this also acts as a natural steriliser.

Modern Cloth Nappies Are More Expensive

Initially, your outlay may seem expensive if you compare it with the same amount of disposables, however, the long term savings are substantial when you consider that you can reuse them countless times and for more than one child. Click here to view financial benefits.

Cloth Nappies Look Bulky And Ugly

Modern Cloth Nappies are functional and funky!

Can I Hire A Pack For Longer Than Two Weeks And If So What Are The Charges?

Yes, Eco Bums are happy to hire for however long you would like. Two weeks is the minimum but any week thereafter is $25.

How Do I Know The Nappies Will Fit My Baby?

Eco Bums have three sizes of packs – newborn, infant and toddler. When you hire a pack it is important to indicate in the space provided the weight of your baby. From this, we can determine the best-sized pack for you.

I’m Not Sure I Want To Hire Nappies That Have Been Used On Other Babies?

We understand this may be a familiar feeling; however, please rest assured that all packs come with strict cleaning instructions and are also rewashed by us once returned. You can also hire the pack to touch and feel the nappies and get an idea of how they fit or use it as a guide while you’re surfing the net.

As mother’s ourselves, we make it our top priority to ensure all products are clean and safe to use on your baby.

How Can I Arrange A Demonstration So I Can Touch And Feel The Nappies Before I Hire Them?

Contact us and we will arrange a time that best suits you.

Is There Any Obligation To Hire At A Demonstration?

Absolutely not – eco bums want to spread the word about the great benefits of Modern Cloth Nappies – hiring or purchasing is totally up to you.

Ditch The Disposables

Ditch the disposables and try before you buy with ecobums!


Modern cloth nappies are shaped, fitted, washable and reusable. Thanks to modern materials these nappies are slimmer, softer and more absorbent. They are also easy to use and care for. On top of that, they look great!

  • By switching to MCNs, you can help to significantly improve our environment!

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Feel free to contact ecobums anytime to arrange a Nappy Demonstration, talk about our products, or ask questions you may have about modern cloth nappy alternatives for your little one.

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