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Our mission here at eco bums is to enable you to try different types, sizes and brands of nappies for a period of time to help you find the perfect nappy system for your family.

We have sourced what we believe to be the best that the market has to offer and packed them into trial kits for you to hire.

By hiring out a kit of nappies you can use the different types at home and decide what suits you and your baby best without the initial outlay. Contact us today to talk about nappy hire kits or to book a nappy demonstration!


Less Damaging to the Environment


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Total Savings Using Cloth Nappies

Ditch The Disposables

Ditch the disposables and try before you buy with ecobums!


Modern cloth nappies are shaped, fitted, washable and reusable. Thanks to modern materials these nappies are slimmer, softer and more absorbent. They are also easy to use and care for. On top of that, they look great!

  • By switching to MCNs, you can help to significantly improve our environment!

Contact eco bums Today!

Feel free to contact Eco Bums anytime to arrange a Nappy Demonstration, talk about our products, or ask questions you may have about modern cloth nappy alternatives for your little one.

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