Great for the environment

According to market researcher IBISWorld, in 2009 babies in Australia used 2.1 billion nappies – that’s 5.6 million per day.

The debate about cloth versus disposable nappies has been settled by a number of studies that have been completed in recent years.

A  study from the UK states modern cloth nappies are 40% less damaging to the environment.

The primary focus of the cloth versus disposable debate is the amount of water used to wash cloth nappies. Studies show that this statement, although true (because water is used to wash the nappies),  does not compare to the amount of water used to manufacture disposable nappies, plus all the other environmental impacts of disposable nappies.


Impact per baby per year

mcn vs cloth nappies

It is important to remember that all types of nappies have an environmental impact. But when choosing to use cloth nappies, you can reduce your impact by;

  • Using an energy efficient machine and wash with other whites
  • Using an eco detergent.
  • Hanging the nappies out to dry rather than use a tumble drier
  • Don’t iron them!
  • Using washable liners
  • Reusing them on another baby or selling them on ebay
  • Purchasing reusables made from organic cotton, bamboo or hemp, and woollen over pants

If you choose to use disposable nappies, you have little control over its environmental impact.

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