Great for baby

There are many benefits for baby by using Modern Cloth Nappies including the natural fabric that touches baby’s skin and early toilet training.

By using cloth nappies and cloth wipes you can rest assured that there are no chemicals coming into contact with your baby’s skin.

Are we all confident to say we know what is involved in manufacturing a disposable nappy? Have we ever thought about it? Do we know if the material and chemicals are safe for our babies?

One thing we do know is that disposable nappies contain the chemical Sodium Polyacrylate Crystals which are used to absorb liquid. This chemical has been banned in women’s hygiene products due to its known link to Toxic Shock.

There are many websites that explain the make-up of disposable nappies and baby wipes and their potential to harm baby. Eco Bums recommends you do your research before making a decision.

Nappy Rash

A common myth is that cloth nappies cause nappy rash on babies. The fact is that no nappy, cloth or disposable is the direct cause of nappy rash. Nappy rash is caused by not changing the nappy regularly and in some circumstances it can occur when babies are teething.

Toilet-train your child earlier

Anecdotal research suggests that children in cloth nappies will be toilet-trained 6-12 months earlier than children in disposables. This is because cloth nappies help children become aware when they are wet.

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