Fast Facts

  1. It is estimated it takes 200 times the energy to produce one disposable nappy as it does to wash one cloth nappy.
  2. It takes 4.5 trees to make the pulp used in disposables for one baby over 2.5 years.
  3. It takes twice the amount of water to produce one disposable than is used to wash one cloth nappy for a year.
  4. Disposables use 3.5 times more energy than cloth nappies.
  5. It takes one full cup of crude oil to make the plastic for each disposable.
  6. Modern cloth nappies are made from environmentally sustainable materials like bamboo, hemp, wool and organic cotton, all of which use less water and energy to produce.
  7. It is estimated each disposable takes between 300 and 500 years to breakdown. That means that a part of every disposable nappy ever put into a landfill site is still there.
  8. Disposables produce 2.3 times more waste water (at the production stage) and 60 times more solid waste than cloth nappies.
  9. One baby in disposables will produce 2 tonnes of solid waste!

These facts are taken from, and has been collected from various sources.

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