Caring for MCNs

Modern Cloth Nappies are extremely easy to care for and will take up little of your time to wash.

Place in a dry bucket or wet bag until you’re ready to wash. No scrubbing or soaking required!

Biodegradable/compostable liners can be easily removed and flushed down the toilet. A load in the washing machine and a little time to hang them out is all it takes!


It is important however to remember a few key things:

Never use bleaches or fabric softeners on cloth nappies as they ruin the natural absorbency of the fabrics.

Hanging your nappies in the sun provides a natural sterilizer and will get rid of any stains.

Use eco-friendly detergents (we have provided samples for you in our hire packs) to reduce the amount of chemicals and synthetic products coming into contact with the nappies and your baby.

These detergents are also better for the environment.

And remember washing in cold water saves energy!


Eco detergents

Eco Bums uses and recommends most environmentally friendly laundry detergents. There are now many available on supermarket shelves.  Their laundry products do not contain enzymes, optical whiteners or toxic synthetic chemicals. This makes their laundry products safer and healthier – especially for those with sensitive skin, allergies and those with delicate skin like babies and young children (babies’ skins are five times thinner than adults). Also most eco laundry products do not contain phosphates, so they are healthier for the environment.

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