Extra snap in booster

Sometimes it’s useful to have extra snap-in absorbent boosters:

  • if your baby only wet the booster at nappy change time, you could simply exchange the booster and re-use the nappy cover;
  • boosters may take longer to dry, so having extras is useful during wet weather;
  • in cases where a booster is lost or misplaced!

Extra mini booster

Simply lay on top of the snap-in booster (fitting it within the elastic gussets on the snap-in booster). Also useful for customising the size of the Cloth nappies to fit a newborn. Use this smaller lay-in booster instead of folding the snap-in booster in half.

Night Booster

Folded, it can add up to eight extra layers of bamboo to boost the absorbency of your Cloth Nappy! Great for overnight nappies or the heavy-wetter.

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