Australian are using 800 million disposable nappies per year, which ends up as 145,000 cubic metres of landfill. That would fill the MCG at least three times over each and every year.

Depending on the demographics of the council area, it is estimated that nappies make up 4-7% of the residual waste bin.

Removing disposable nappies from the waste stream will help council achieve a target of 75% diversion from landfill. Not only is this great for the environment, but great for you as a resident, as it will help keep waste management fees low.

KESAB environmental solutions, Eco Bums and Zero Waste SA are working together to demonstrate the environmental benefits of using cloth nappies. A Cloth Nappy Library is a great way to get started. Hire a kit of quality nappies to trial the different types, and then decide which suits your baby best.

The first 375 people to register will receive a subsidy of $40 – all you pay is $20 for a two week hire period.

For South Australian residents only.

Hire your kit today.

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