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Parents saving the planet, one poo at a time

nadine-and-kai mum and bub happy with cloth nappies thanks to eco bums in Adelaide“I know my body made him, every cell and my milk continues to stimulate his growth,” says Nadine from Norwood, pictured with baby Kai.

“Poo is a by-product of that growth. I poo, he poos. I clean myself up and it’s no different to cleaning him up.”

Nadine is a new breed of parent making the decision to switch to cloth nappies rather than disposables, for the sake of the planet.

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Picture this……An MCG filled with disposable nappies.


Picture this….

  • In Australia alone 2.1 billion nappies are sent to landfill each year. This would fill the MCG seven times over every single year.
  • Multiply this by 50 cents a nappy and that is $1.12 billion dollars also thrown away.

So when you think about it….

  • Every disposable nappy sent to landfill since their invention in 1961 is still there and will be for generations to come.

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