A Big Thankyou

Eco Bums has been created for the purpose of spreading the word about Modern Cloth Nappies. Our most important aim is to inform parents of all the great benefits there are for them, their children and their planet.

It would not have been at all possible without the help of some very special people. They realized our vision and have contributed their time, resources and skills.

Thanks very much to Jodie Kunze for her creativity and graphic design expertise. You have made our brand look amazing!

Sally Bagnato set aside her time to take gorgeous pictures of the children in nappies and we must offer our appreciation for what a task that must have been!

Our hire kits are locally made in Adelaide by Jasmyn Tassotti who, despite having two small children at home, has managed to whip them up in no time… A very big thank you for this!

A word has to be mentioned for our friends and family who have supported us from the beginning with positivity and encouragement. An extra special thank you to our husbands – without their help and encouragement we would not have been able to contribute the time and energy we have into making Eco Bums a reality.

Last but not least our children who inspire us to take care of our world for them. xx

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