Eco Bums The Cloth Nappy Library came about due to the frustration of too much choice when it came to choosing types and brands of modern cloth nappies on the market.

  • Which MCN will suit my baby?
  • Which MCN is environmentally friendly?
  • Which MCN is the best value for money?
  • Should I buy all in ones or fitted nappies?
  • Should I buy one size nappies?

These and more, are the questions you are faced with when looking into using modern cloth nappies.

Eco Bums are taking away that frustration and are offering you a variety of brands and styles of nappies to try.

These have been chosen based on reviews and feedback from cloth nappy users – all are environmentally friendly, very easy to use and wash and economical for the family budget.

Our main focus at Eco Bums is to encourage as many families as possible to help improve our environment by making the switch to MCNs!

Kelly: My initial motivation for using cloth was to save money. Many people thought I was crazy replacing the convenience of disposables with cloth nappies but I was determined because I knew in the long run how much I would be saving. This is not to say I was not aware of the environmental benefits of using cloth nappies. Already a fairly environmentally conscious person it made me feel good that I could contribute in another way towards helping to improve our environment and also perhaps play a part in influencing others to do the same. I hope through Eco Bums I can help dispel the myths about cloth nappies and help promote all the positive benefits to be had by using them.

Grace: I was prepared to use cloth nappies right from the start. As much as I received encouragement, I also received negative comments such as, ‘it won’t last’, and ‘you use too much water with cloth nappies”. These comments came about by people not understanding how easy it is to use MCN’s and the benefits to the environment. The MCN I used has been fantastic, easy to use and easy to wash. My husband loves them too. I have a degree in Environmental Management. The environment is my passion in my work and in my life. I want to make sure I give my daughter the best start in life and to instill this passion in her. We don’t have to be a ‘throwaway nation’; we can make choices with the items we purchase.

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