Parents saving the planet, one poo at a time

nadine-and-kai mum and bub happy with cloth nappies thanks to eco bums in Adelaide“I know my body made him, every cell and my milk continues to stimulate his growth,” says Nadine from Norwood, pictured with baby Kai.

“Poo is a by-product of that growth. I poo, he poos. I clean myself up and it’s no different to cleaning him up.”

Nadine is a new breed of parent making the decision to switch to cloth nappies rather than disposables, for the sake of the planet.

It’s an easy decision when you think of your child’s future

Knowing that up to 8 nappies a day for the next 2-3 years would go into landfill was a big factor in Nadine’s decision making.

“I believe we make a difference in the world one person at a time, one action at a time,” she adds.

She says wet nappies are easy because it is just a case of switching the liner so the only possible obstacle some people face when considering cloth nappies is having to scrape a little poo in the process.

“My advice if you’re considering cloth nappies and you can’t decide either way, use the cloth nappy library service,” says Nadine.

Some financial help for making the switch even easier

“Throughout the two weeks, you’ll be able to see if using cloth nappies will work for you and your baby or not and also get a good idea of what kind of system you’d like to use and which ones fit your bubba the best.”

Here at Eco Bums Cloth Nappy Library we are thrilled hear from mums like Nadine because her passion for our service is part of the reason we recently won the the environment and sustainability category of the national Community Achievements Awards.

Make your mark and join the Eco Bums community

Eco Bums brought the very first Cloth Nappy Library to SA in 2011, giving you the opportunity to try cloth nappies before they decide if they want to buy them.

Our program has seen the rate of disposable nappies in waste bins in the Port Adelaide Enfield region alone drop from 6.3% in 2011, to 5.2% in 2013.

Since inception, Eco Bums has partnered with 5 local councils, KESAB and recently with Zero Waste SA to deliver the $40 subsidy program state-wide.

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