Is the disposable nappy you use compostable?

Avoidance of waste is Eco Bums main priority when it comes to education of nappies, hence why we promote cloth nappies. However, we understand not everyone can use cloth nappies full time and there will be times you will need to use disposable nappies. The next best thing to cloth nappies are compostable nappies. Certified compostable nappies can go in your green organics bin and turned into compost. This is a fantastic alternative to plastic disposables because the item is diverted from landfill and instead turned into valuable compost.

Eco Bums is working with an Australian company to bring a compostable nappy to you. We will ensure this item is 100% compostable – not like many nappy products you find in supermarkets that claim to be compostable or biodegradable. Watch this space………


Compostable v Biodegradable

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