Are We Too Busy????

Life has become very busy and we are now part of a generation who do everything on the run – we can do pretty much everything from our phones or Ipads………the question is have we become so busy and accustomed to convenience that our quality of life or more so the quality of life for future generations has become jeopardised. If we don’t start to take the time now to look after our world for our kids, grand kids and great grandchildren, what type of world will they be living in?

Technology and innovation have improved so many aspects of our way of life but have we now taken for granted the world we were given. We can enjoy and reap the benefits of both by taking the time look after our environment while at the same time exploring future developments which help us adapt to and ever changing and fast paced lifestyle.

A great move has been made already by eliminating heaps of plastic bags and slowly we are all  remembering to bring enviro bags with us to the shop……Councils have helped us keep track of our waste by supplying recycle and organic waste bins to encourage us to separate our rubbish – I’m sure by now this is common place in most households. Eventually by taking the time and utilising tools that are provided to us we can make changes that will have an impact on the health of our environment.

A common argument against the use of Modern Cloth Nappies is that they are too time consuming and most mum’s these days are too busy. The convenience of a disposable seems too hard to resist. The disposable was I’m sure a great innovation when it was introduced and for mother’s of that time seemed liked a great way to get out of the laundry!! However the impact of these on the environment has been disastrous….the stats will tell you this ( click here for statistics ).  Making life easier has now created a real environmental problem which is continuing to be ignored…….and its only going to get worse if we don’t make the time or effort to change.

Small changes by many can have a huge impact……..we want to encourage change and provide inexpensive ways in which you can make a difference – take the time to try MCN’s today it’s easier than you think!!!!!!!!!



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