Modern Cloth Nappies are so expensive!


Modern cloth nappies are so  expensive – we hear this all the time.

Well, they are expensive when you compare  the cost of one MCN to one disposable nappy. But, when you  consider the fact that you use your MCN for the entire  period from birth to toilet training, that’s a fair saving – in dollars  (not to mention waste)!

The average parent spends between $3,500 and $5,000,  per child, on disposable nappies and wipes from birth to toilet  training, whereas the cost of using MCN’s is $800 to $1,000  for that same period! At this rate, you only need to use your MCN for around 6 weeks before it pays for itself! And don’t forget, you can use your MCN’s on other babies.

Don’t be put off by the up front expense to purchase MCN’s.


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