Using Cloth Nappies – a Dad’s perspective

When Grace said to me that she wants to use cloth nappies, I was not surprised! I must admit, I never gave it much thought, what they look like, how to use them, will they be messy – until our baby came along.

Being a hands on dad I was tackling my first cloth nappy within days – and what a surprise. So easy to put on and take off with little mess. For the first 9 months we did not use liners.

Then there they were – where were they all this time. Grace tells me we did not need them because new born poo’s (pre solid food) is small and not messy.

And maybe she was right – but thank god we have them now. The liner captures the poo and I simply flush it down the toilet – no mess at all.

To wash them all I do is put them in the washing machine, like I do any other washing. Hanging them up to dry and folding them is easy too.

I give any dad out there (and mum’s) to give MCN’s a go – you will be pleasantly surprised about how easy they are to use!

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